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Break N Run Billiards

Unique Instruction, Quality Results


What makes my instruction totally unique is that I start all new students with a video stroke analysis.  Video allows you and me to study every aspect of your stroke.  We can do slow motion, stop motion, and we can time each step in your stroke process.  Once we identify your strengths and weaknesses we set up a program tailored to you.  There are no two people alike so why should everyone be trained the same way.

We also sit and discuss what it is the student wants to achieve.  This varies with skill level.  A new player will start with fundamentals.  A more seasoned player might have solid fundamentals but need help in pattern play or strategy.  We look at all that. 


Finally, pool is a terrific game and everyone should have the chance to play.  This includes children, seniors, and people with disabilities.  There is room for everyone.    

I am very flexible with where I give instruction.  I am located in the Grand Rapids MI area and will travel throughout Southwest Michigan.  Maybe further under the right conditions.  I do give discounts for veterans, seniors and youths.

Give me a call or email me. 

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